Our autumn menu is here 🍂 - Pure

The rustle of fallen leaves, the hug of your favourite jumper and now, the taste of our brand-new autumn menu. We’re excited to announce that autumn has officially arrived at Pure!

What's new for breakfast?

Rise and shine with two new porridges. Say Hello Sunshine, with mango, hemp seeds and dates and Cherry Delicious, combining cherries with Pip & Nut almond butter and cocoa. And it’s not just new flavours that’ll get you going, our porridges are now available with your choice of organic dairy or oat milk.

The perfect start for chillier mornings! 

Cherry Delicious

What's new for lunch?

Centre stage this season are our heavenly Nourish Bowls: Harissa Chicken, with cumin cauli and chilli hummus, and Roasted Cauliflower & Tahini, with maple carrots and spicy greens. All set on a cosy tricolour quinoa bed.

Aka your new lunch rituals.

And for whenever you fancy?

We don’t believe in rules on what we’re supposed to eat and when – who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? BUT if we were to suggest something delicious that will hit the spot any time of day, look no further than our holey trinity of multigrain bagels: Salmon Like You, Heart-Beet and Wham! & Cheese.

That’s not all.

There’s also the Cherry Cherry Good pot, where velvety coconut yoghurt meets cherries and crunchy granola. A simply delicious grab and go breakfast.

New Pure Bowl specials? Meet Thai Red Chicken and Mexican Tomato & Bean, crowned with a perfectly poached egg and creamy avo. These warming bowls embrace everything we crave in autumn: hearty goodness, comfort and a burst of freshness. They’re the food you’ll crave on a cosy autumn day. 

Head to your nearest Pure and try our new autumn menu today!