Delicious needs a Kitchen

Delicious needs a Kitchen

The only way to hit our high standards is to have our own kitchens, on-site, in every Pure. This way, we can control recipes, ingredients and methods; we can experiment and perfect.

Here’s what’s going on today…


Early Rising

We start early, the smell of baking filling the kitchen. We’re working on fresh pastries ready for early breakfast deliveries.

Smooth operator


Smooth Operators

Long shelf life, preservatives, even sunlight, all reduce a juice’s natural nutrients. Our juices & smoothies are being freshly squeezed and bottled on-site every day to deliver maximum nutrients. You’d be amazed at how few high street brands do this…

Ground to order


Ground to order

We grind to order – perfect, ethically sourced beans. We also use deliciously rich 70% cacao. Add organic milk and an expert barista, and that’s just about the perfect coffee.

Super eggs


Super Eggs

Eggs are important. If you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, our Super eggs are made-to-order, with your chosen topping, from 7:00 every morning. They’re delicious with smoked salmon…

Super Egg!



We bake our very own wholegrain flatbreads every day. Here comes the first batch from the ovens...


Many hands

All over London our kitchens are whirring. And with lunch around the corner, there's still plenty of peeling and chopping to do: we’ll be cooking throughout the day.


Respect the details

Our croutons are hand-made, fresh every day, from our own wholegrain flatbread, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with Parmesan and baked until golden.


Pure delivers

Order up until 10:00 for same-day lunch delivery. We deliver by bike: quick, quiet and pollution-free.

The Freshest Possible


The Freshest Possible

Toasties grilling, salads dressing, smoothies blending, all made to order every day. We aim to serve you within a minute of ordering, for the freshest possible lunch (and the longest possible lunch break).

Dressed to impress


Dressed to impress

The only way to avoid wilted or naked leaves and messy dressing pots is to freshly dress salads to order. So that’s what we do, with our own dressings, created by us to complement our salads.

(If you’ve ever wondered why so much of the high street tastes the same, it’s because it is: the same condiments and sauces bought in from the same supplier).

Don't Panic Go green...


Kitchens On-Site

Busy London lunchtimes are never a problem. With kitchens in every Pure, we can make more of our most popular dishes as they sell out.



We’re proud that over 80% of our General Managers started working with us as Team Members, and on any given day there will be training happening in our shops and at head office. We’re always on the look out for bright and bubbly people to join us. To find out more and apply, click here.



Once lunchtime meetings are over, our cyclists return to collect the wooden trays that were delivered earlier. We reuse these where we can, to make each delivery as green as possible.

It's working


It's working

Pop in around this time and we’re not the only ones being busy. Free wifi, plenty of plug sockets and free still & sparkling water means Pure is set up for busy Londoners getting things done. It’s exactly how we started up…

Keep going


We make working late a little better by delivering into the evening. If you’re stuck at a desk, keep your energy up with a Chicken Caesar Salad, Zorba the Beet little pot and a Green Tonic juice.


Good food

We work with a number of local charities who collect leftover fresh food at the end of each day to ensure the minimum is wasted.

Hand-made desserts are best


Hand-made desserts are best

Our Choc’avo Mousse is carefully crafted using just six ingredients. Melted dark chocolate, avocado, banana, a little honey, egg whites and cacao nibs to finish. So simple, so good - and we’re making it right now.


Goodnight, Good morning

The perfect porridge starts the night before. Before hanging up our aprons, we’re mixing oats to soak overnight so they’re full of flavour in the morning.

Goodnight London.

Bean me up!