Introducing renewable energy at our shops - Pure

Introducing renewable energy at our shops

Here at Pure we serve natural, handmade, wholesome food, but we know that our healthy approach needs to extend beyond our kitchens. We have been working hard to improve the sustainability of our business and will be sharing a number of exciting changes with you over the coming months.

This month we are proud to announce that we are now procuring our energy from renewable sources. This is a huge step towards reducing our carbon footprint and limiting the impact our business has on the environment. We know there is always more we can do, but we’re really proud of this significant step towards being more sustainable.

Renewable energy is generated from naturally replenishing resources such as sunlight, wind or waves. By sourcing only renewable energy we are able to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions each shop produces, this is one of several changes we’re making to our business to help protect the environment.

Some of our stores are located in buildings where we do not source the energy ourselves, so unfortunately a small number of our shops are not able to use renewable energy. If you’d like to know if we source renewable energy at your local Pure please see the list below:

Baker St

Beak St

Camden High St

Canary Wharf


Goodge St

Gracechurch St

London Bridge St


Philpot Lane