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Introducing the Protein Bowl!

We have been on a quest to create a delicious hot vegan breakfast, filled with flavour and high in protein to keep you fulfilled for the winter days ahead.

Many recipe improvisations later, we are proud to introduce the Protein Bowl–  a warm and light pot of scrambled tofu, tri-coloured quinoa and edamame beans, that’s less than 150 calories and truly DELICIOUS!

Personalise with your choice of toppings including sautéed mushrooms, avocado and our new vine tomatoes for an extra flavoursome treat.

We have an extensive range of breakfast winter warmers, including our new Oat Milk & Seed Porridge, wholegrain Toasted Bagels and handmade Toastiesincluding our much loved Super Start breakfast toastie that has made a highly anticipated return!

Browse our full Protein Bowl range and breakfast menu today.