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Sustainability at Pure

At Pure we serve natural, handmade, wholesome food, but we know that our healthy approach needs to extend beyond our kitchens. We have been working hard to improve the sustainability of our business and we are proud to announce a number of changes we have made.

These changes mark a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and limiting the impact our business has on the environment. And whilst we’re delighted by how far we’ve come, we know there’s still a lot more we can do.

What we do…


  • We have swapped plastic cutlery for 100% biodegradable cutlery made from corn
  • Our salads are served in bowls made from 90% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable
  • We have removed plastic straws from all shops
  • We recycle whatever we can and all of our kitchens have separate bins to split packaging which can be recycled
  • As a business we send zero waste to landfill; anything which isn’t recycled is converted to fuel
  • We do not hand out napkins and paper bags, they are only available when customers request them
  • Our menus and table talkers are printed on recycled paper
  • Our wooden boxes used for catering are 100% biodegradable and we work with the Woodland Trust to help provide care and protection for trees in the UK

In Store

  • We offer free still and sparkling water with glasses in almost all our shops
  • We actively discourage customers from buying bottled water, and the water we do sell is in a bottle made from at least 50% recycled plastic
  • We encourage customers to refill their reusable bottles, even if they are not buying anything from us. Check out our free refill map here
  • We sell reusable bottles in every Pure store, which customers can bring back and refill at any time
  • We offer a 50p discount on all hot drinks for any customers who bring a reusable cup
  • If you buy one of our collapsible, reusable cups, we’ll give you a free coffee on your first order
  • We sell reusable bags in every Pure store, made from sustainable cotton and printed in the UK
  • We provide full allergen, nutritional and ingredient information for all products on our menu boards. Even more detail is available online and we have tablets in every store to browse for your perfect breakfast or lunch
  • We use energy from 100% renewable sources at all shops where we buy the energy ourselves

Our Food

  • Our unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee is locally roasted and Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • All our coffees are served with organic milk from Hampshire or your choice of vegan milk
  • Our Super Eggs are made using British free range eggs from our friends at St. Ewe farm. Their hens have plenty of space to roam in the clean, fresh countryside air and their signature golden yolks make for deliciously rich eggs
  • We are committed to making it easy and delicious for people to reduce the amount of meat they eat, that’s why 73% of our dishes are vegetarian or vegan, and 43% are entirely vegan
  • To reduce food waste from our kitchens we provide a daily production plan for each of our shops, using our sales data to predict volumes. This means we can make sure our shelves are full of all your favourites, but that we don’t have too much left over at the end of the day
  • Unfortunately a small amount of leftover food at the end of the day is unavoidable, so we work with local charities to donate our leftover food to those in need
  • Our menu changes with the seasons, that’s why we only sell our popular yoghurt Catch Fraise when we can source our strawberries from farms in the UK
  • We do not sell high sugar fizzy drinks, only smoothies and juices freshly made by us
  • We try not to add sugar to our recipes, you can filter by “no added sugar” on our website

Our Teams

  • We do not employ our team members on zero hour contracts or use split shifts
    Pure has a 0% gender pay gap across the whole business (and a 0.1% female pay advantage in our shops)
  • We pay significantly over the minimum wage. Entry level is now £8.63 per hour. We have consistently paid above the minimum wage and will continue to do so
  • We do not pay less to anyone under 25. Our pay structure puts us right at the top of the pay scale in our sector
  • We’re proud that over 80% of our General Managers started working with us as Team Members
  • We support CentrePoint and a number of our team took part in the Sleep Out in 2017 raising almost £10,000 in the process

What we need to improve…

  • We want to find a bottle for our smoothies & juices which is made from recycled materials
  • We want to provide recycling for our coffee cups, as many of our customers still prefer to use disposable cups
  • We are always interested to hear the views of our teams and customers about what else we can improve. If you can help us to achieve our goals of continuing to be more sustainable, please get in touch at