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Pure Wellbeing Boxes

Thank you again to everyone who has shown us support since we reopened for deliveries.

As businesses start to plan for their office reopening, we want to help employers to support their staff in their return to work. In particular, we want to alleviate the issues staff will face around safely accessing meals throughout the day, which is why we have developed our Pure Wellbeing Boxes. These are individual boxes of food & drink, ranging from £7.95-£12.95, safely prepared and delivered to your office every day for your team.

The Pure Wellbeing Boxes will be:

  • Made in 5* hygiene boxes
  • Delivered in tamper proof packaging with cutlery and napkins inside
  • Delivered directly from our kitchen to your office using one delivery driver
  • Providing breakfast, lunch or snacks for one person, limiting their requirement to leave the office throughout the day
  • In-line with government advice to close staff restaurants
  • Important for welcoming back your team and looking after their wellbeing

If you’re interested in hearing more about our new Wellbeing Boxes please: