Refill any time at Pure at no cost - Pure

Refill any time at Pure at no cost

Please don’t buy our water. Just fill-up for free instead.

Free, filtered water is a key feature of Pure shops. Working in partnership with Belu, we have self-service water stations to make sure that you never have to buy a bottle of water again. Every refill in Pure helps to support our partner, Belu, who donate 100% of their profits to Water Aid.

We estimate that by making free water available, our customers save up to 300,000 water bottles a year. That’s a lot of plastic! If you don’t have a reusable, you can buy one in store for just £5.99. And if you really must buy a bottle, we do have Belu water in 100% recycled plastic bottles.

So if you’re out and about today or over the weekend, pop into a Pure to refill your water. And if you’re in need of some delicious food as well – we can help with that too 😋