Introducing our Wellness in the Workplace Series - Pure

Introducing our Wellness in the Workplace Series

Introducing our nutritionist – Marjolein!
Over the course of September, our good friend – and expert nutritionist – Marjolein Dutry will be sharing her knowledge on how food can be used to improve wellbeing in your workplace. Marjolein (pronounced mar-yoh-lane) will be sharing a series of helpful, practical and effective tips for boosting you and your team’s energy, creativity and effectiveness. 


When developing our menus, we often get advice from Marjolein. She helps us understand how Pure food can enable teams to feel good and perform at their best. With more people returning to the office this month, harnessing and nurturing positive habits will be front and centre for companies that put wellbeing at the top of the agenda for their employees. As such, we know that Marjolein’s expert tips, paired with recommendations from our menu, will set you and your team up for a healthy and happy workplace for the rest of 2022.

A note from Marjolein…

Welcome back from wherever the summer has taken you!  Hopefully you’ve had a bit more space over the past weeks to focus on time for yourself and healthier routines.


Each week I’ll be profiling healthy habits that you and the team can easily implement and shining a spotlight on some of the star ingredients Pure use and why they’re so wonderful. 


Nothing brings people together like food, so let’s get started…. Marjolein x


Ingredient Spotlight 🐟

Slamming salmon – healthy fat to look and feel good.

We all know we can make great choices for our health – but isn’t it great when we start to LOOK healthier too?

Glow from the inside out when you add in more salmon. All those Omega 3 fats that support beautiful skin. Omega 3 is also a key ingredient to support brain health, improve concentration and mood. So if you want a more focused and happier team – why not add a Celebrity Skin Salad box to your next lunch order? 🥗 You’ve also got the added bonus that salmon is a great source of protein, but more on that next week…   


Takeaway health tip 
One of the most important things to prioritise for health is knowing how to actively relax. What do I mean by that? Great question.

When our stress response is activated, we’re in fight, flight or freeze mode (sympathetic response). Whereas when we are relaxed, we’re in rest and digest mode (parasympathetic response). We have the power to move between the two, which is good news for when you’re stuck in a sympathetic response!

Try the following to actively get into rest and digest mode:

🧘 Deep breathing or meditation (Headspace has some great 60 second meditations)

💧 Splashing your face with cold water

🎵 Humming

🎤 Singing (might be best to do this before you leave for work in the morning!)


Stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing more tips and tricks to implement in the workplace for optimum performance and wellbeing throughout the month!


Marjolein x