🌏30,000 meals saved from going in the bin - Pure

30,000 meals saved, and counting…

Too Good to Go is the brilliant app that helps pair unsold food with you, at a fraction of the price. Since partnering with them last October, we are proud to share that a total of 30,000 meals have been saved from going in the bin! Big thanks to everyone who has helped achieve this milestone. We’re keen to keep this going, so if you fancy grabbing a surprise bag of our delicious food for a steal whilst helping against food waste, you know where to go.

Surprise, with you in mind

Everyone loves a surprise, but we also understand that everyone is different. If you’re veggie or vegan, just say the word and we will do our very best to fill your bag with our delicious plant-based favourites. At Pure you can choose from not 1, but 3 different bags, either filled with our freshly prepared hot food, a selection of our filling wraps and salad bowls, or a variety of breakfast bites.