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We want you to feel your best

With the number of sniffles and coughs we’re hearing on the tube this week, we thought it was only fitting to share some health tips to keep you in good shape this February!

Say hello to our friend and expert Nutritionist, Marjolein, who is full of tips & tricks to support your health and well-being.

Gut health & immunity support

First up, gut health. When supporting our immune system, we need to think about our gut – this is where the immune magic happens. When we have a diverse and resilient colony of microbes, we’re less likely to react to foods via bloating and discomfort; we’re digesting and absorbing nutrients more efficiently and, therefore, supporting our immune response.  It’s a win-win!


The fermentation process of making Sourdough makes the nutrients more bioavailable as it decreases the phytic acid content of the wheat. Sounds fancy, we know, but seeing as our Sourdough Rolls are delicious more than anything, just take our word for it that they’re good for your gut too!


We encourage you to introduce more phytonutrients and different forms of fibre into your diet. Our Celebrity Skin Salad is packed full of veggies alongside salmon, a great source of Zinc which is an essential nutrient to support our digestion and the immune response. Prefer to go plant-based? Consider our Gut Loving Grains Bowl (thanks for the zinc-hit sesame).

Tackling those Winter Blues

Thankfully the short days are nearly over, and we’re edging closer to Spring, but the lack of sunshine over the past couple of months might have wreaked some havoc on your health. Our serotonin (happy chemical) production in the brain is stimulated by our eye-detecting light, and our melatonin (sleep hormone) production is inhibited by light exposure.

Not enough light in the morning = low happy chemicals.  

Low happy chemicals = low levels of sleep hormone to feel rested. 

In addition, if you keep lots of lights on in the evening, you’ll reduce your melatonin production even more.


1) Include lots of Tryptophan (an essential amino acid) in your lunch to boost serotonin AND melatonin. Great sources for the omnivores include cheese, chicken and egg (looking at you, Chicken Caesar Salad).

2) Take a 10-minute walk in the morning; schedule breakfast meetings next to big windows if possible, or consider a S.A.D. lamp for your desk!

We hope you’ve learnt a couple of handy tips!

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