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Wellness in the Workplace 2023: Immune Support

Sniffles in the office? Again?

If you’re finding that you and your team are being plagued by every cold and illness going, let’s have a look at some ways you can support the team to keep up their immune resilience.

When it comes to supporting our immune system we need to think about our gut – this is where the immune magic happens. When we have a diverse and resilient colony of commensal (AKA beneficial) microbes, we’re less likely to react to foods via bloating and discomfort; we’re digesting and absorbing nutrients more efficiently and supporting our immune response.  Hooray.

Gut & Immune System Tips

Super Sourdough – the fermentation process makes the nutrients more bioavailable as it decreases the phytic acid content of the wheat. Sounds fancy I know, but seeing as Pure’s Sourdough Flatbreads are delicious more than anything, just take my word for it that they’re good for you too!

Va Va Variety – 30 Different Plant Foods per Week – this is an easy way to encourage us to get more phytonutrients and different forms of fibre in weekly. Check out the Gut Loving Grains Box for a variety of plant foods and get that tally up for the team.

Zinc-rich Foods – Meat, seeds and wholegrains are sources of Zinc, which is an important nutrient to support our digestion and the immune response. The Meat & Fish Wrap Box have lots of meaty-zinc sources, or go for a hummus-laced option (looking at the sesame for that zinc life) like the Falafel & Hummus, or Halloumi & Pomegranate Salad Boxes.

Move for Motility -Yoga can be great to support digestive function by keeping you regular (child pose and twists are a great way to gently massage that gut). A regular gut is a healthier gut. Can you schedule a team yoga session?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and supports our immune system in a number of ways. Add a Fruit Salad Box or a Vegetable Crudité Box to your order to get plenty of great food sources of vitamin C into your team’s day.

Takeaway Health Tip

Something that has shown to really benefit our gut health is time in nature – we’re talking forest vibes. We breathe in beneficial compounds while spending time in nature that are beneficial for the microbiome.

Why not try a weekend outdoor adventure, where you can get some fresh air and immerse yourself in some microbiome boosting surroundings. An added bonus is that spending time in nature has also shown to have a positive impact on our stress response.

Marjolein x