Our new porridge is oat of this world 🌍 - Pure

How do you like your oats in the morning?

Promise we’re done with the porridge puns… (for now). Our autumn menu launched last week and there’s lots to tuck into, including two new porridges: Hello Sunshine and Cherry Delicious. We’ve also revamped our oats offering to give you as much choice as possible. Think “build a bowl”, but with porridge.

🥛 Choose your base – our gluten-free rolled oats are now available with your choice of oat or organic dairy milk.

🍯 Pimp your porridge with literally whatever your fancy. We’ve got ten tasty toppings, from the trusty blossom honey to the protein-packed peanut butter, take your pick.

☀️🍒 OR, opt for one of our four favourites, including two newbies – have a little scroll for more on those.

The new kids in town

For that bright burst of energy on a cold, crisp morning, look no further than Hello Sunshine. Made with your choice of milk, and topped with fresh mango, chopped dates and uber-nutritious hemp seeds – these little guys are a great source of protein and are bursting with omega-3. Delicious and nourishing – a win-win.

Cosy up with the oh-so comforting Cherry Delicious. With oat or dairy milk, this pot of wonder combines cherries with smooth Pip & Nut almond butter, finished off with a generous dusting of cocoa. It’s the hug in a bowl you need for a great day ahead. 

Head to your local Pure and show these new folks some love.