Sip in style with our new reusable Chilly's coffee cup - Pure

Cheers Chilly’s!

We’re so excited to launch our all-new co-branded reusable coffee cups from Chilly’s, available to buy in all our stores this week. We tested every cup out there and this was by far the best. Here’s why:

🙌 Keeps your drink hot without burning your hands

♻️ Reduces the use of disposable coffee cups

🤌 Preserves the flavour & freshness of your drink

💰 Earns you £1 off every hot drink from Pure!

The only thing it can’t do, is go in the dishwasher…wash it by hand to keep it in tip top condition. Grab yours from your nearest store today!

£1 off, all day every day with a reusable cup

Your Chilly’s cup will soon pay for itself with our £1 off initiative. Whether it’s your non-negotiable morning oat milk latte or post-lunch pick me up – there’s £1 to be saved on every hot drink with a reusable cup at Pure. No catch, no app, just your cup. To make things even sweeter, opt for one of our top-quality plant milk alternatives for free, so you can enjoy your coffee the way you like it for less.