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A hearty and delicious breakfast really is the recipe for a good day, which is why we pay so much attention to each ingredient in every recipe.

At the start of this year, we made some changes to our breakfast menu, and without being too biased, we think it’s never been better!

For starters,  we’ve given our Rolled Omelette recipes a re-vamp and have introduced two deliciously flavoursome recipes that embody the traditional omelette flavours we all know and love. 👇


A delicious & filling mix of free-range egg omelette rolled and filled with ham hock and mature cheddar cheese.


Prefer a vegetarian option? Enjoy a free-range egg omelette rolled and filled with mature cheddar cheese, spinach and tomato.


Or, for a heartier start, why not try our Plat Protein Toastie, filled with scrambled tofu, baked beans and vegan cheese in a toasted mini wrap?

Lids off, quids in 💷

If you’ve not reaped the benefits of our whopping £1  reusable cup discount, fear not; we’re extending the offer so you can continue to save on your coffee every day!