The key to fighting flu season - Pure

Flu season is no match for our array of colourful, veggie-centric dishes, loaded with essential nutrients! They’re your frontline defence against those pesky sniffles that nobody needs in the run up to Christmas. Keep yourself in strong, energised and in tip top shape this autumn.

Why go colourful? 🌈

Loading up on a rainbow of fruits and veggies is a health game-changer, especially during flu season. Each colour offers unique vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your body’s defence mechanisms. Plus, fibre-rich dishes aid digestion and promote gut health, a key player in your immune response!

Here are some of our favourites:

Nourish Bowls

Packed full of rainbow veggies, hummus and a kick of chilli, our new Roasted Cauliflower & Tahini Nourish bowl is the perfect go-to for hitting your macros.


Gut Loving Grain Box

Sweet potato falafel and pickled veggies on a bed of tricolour quinoa, ensuring a healthy gut and stronger defence against viruses.


Super Veg Broth

The perfect add on to any main lunch item, it’s like a hug in a mug. Think warming, clear veg broth that nourishes from within.


Fruit Salad Pot

A medley of vibrant fruits, turning your immune system up a notch with every sweet, juicy bite.


Nutrition sorted, what’s next?

🌬 Get plenty of fresh air

Especially in the mornings, a great way to kick start your day, get the blood pumping and regulate your circadian rhythm with that much needed hit of sunshine. Clean, fresh air can help support your respiratory health so a brisk outdoor walk in the crisp autumn sun can do absolute wonders.

🚶‍♀️ Keep moving!

Whilst it’s really tempting to head for the sofa every night, maintaining some moderate exercise during the chillier months helps boost circulation which in turn, helps your immune system stay in good shape.

💦 Don’t forget your water

We can often forget to stay hydrated when the weather gets cooler but keeping up your water intake is key to supporting your body’s natural defences. Especially once that heating goes on…

🛌 And when you’ve done all of that, have a rest!

You deserve it. Rest is so crucial to supporting your immune system and giving your body the chance to rest and recover from the summer fun.