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Wellness in the Workplace 2023: Resolutions

To ring in 2023 on a positive note, we’ve teamed up with our friend and trusted nutritionist, Marjolein, to provide us with some health & wellbeing tips to take us through January (and beyond).

Team Pure 💙

Happy new year from Marjolein!

Let's dive in. The stats on resolutions and how long we keep them for are not great - 23% of those who set them do not see through the first week of January. Eek. So, what can be done to help? Read on...

Set healthy goals as a team

Encourage people to get specific

Eat more vegetables – how many portions? Eat more oily fish – how many times per month? Eat fewer Kettle Chips – what will you have instead? It is much easier to achieve a goal when you can measure the results.


Schedule in accountability sessions

Research shows that the beginning of the week or beginning of the month is the best time for successful new habit building – see Atomic Habits by James Clear. This might be a good time to put your catch-ups in the diary. You could do these over a healthy team lunch from Pure – browse the catering menu here (two birds, one stone).


Celebrate the wins!

Acknowledge how far the team has come and make sure you decide on ways to celebrate your success as a team.

Next accountability buddy lunch!

Some of the best ways to help you and your team to stick to health goals is creating an environment that supports health and provides accountability. You can create an accountability group or buddy system to help people with similar goals to see them through. Why not kick off this conversation over a healthy Pure lunch?