You knead to try our new multigrain bagels 🥯️ - Pure

The Holey Trinity has arrived at Pure

Everyone’s favourite hole foods have landed in all Pure stores this autumn. We can’t wait for you to try our all-new bagels in three delicious flavours. So without further ado, and in no particular order, we are delighted to introduce…

🥯️Wham! & Cheese

This will put the boom-boom into your heart. Ham without cheese, cheese without ham, it’s simply not right. And this combo is just as iconic as George & Andrew.


Not to be confused with the British TV drama series, this delicious veggie option combines beetroot & mint hummus with velvety avocado, iron-rich spinach and a dollop of cream cheese.

🥯️ Salmon Like You

You just know this one’s Adele’s favourite. Hot smoked salmon, a generous spread of cream cheese with a twist of lemon and finished off with a crack of black pepper.

From only £3.65, our bagels make the perfect breakfast, lunch or something tasty for whenever you fancy, that are kinder on the wallet. While you’re at it, bring in your reusable cup for £1 off any barista-made hot drink!