Fighting food waste one meal at a time - Pure

50,000 meals saved 🌍

Every meal saved makes a difference

Reducing food waste is one of our top priorities at Pure. So we’re thrilled to announce that together, we’ve reached a remarkable milestone with Too Good To Go: 50,000 meals saved from going to waste.

This incredible achievement translates to a whopping 125,000kg CO2e saved – enough to offset charging 22 million smartphones.

Your choice to grab a Surprise Bag not only brings you great value but significantly contributes to a healthier planet. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Surprise, with you in mind

Everyone loves a surprise, but we also understand that everyone is different. If you’re veggie or vegan, just say the word and we will do our very best to fill your bag with our delicious plant-based favourites. At Pure you can choose from not 1, but 4 different bags, either filled with our flaky delicious pastries, freshly prepared hot food, a selection of our filling wraps and salad bowls, or a variety of breakfast bites.

Thoughtful at Pure

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond minimising food waste. From free filtered water in our shops to offering discounts for bringing a reusable cup and championing locally-sourced ingredients, we’re dedicated to making even the smallest changes that have a big impact.