Matcha has arrived at Pure 🍵 - Pure

Ethically sourced, organic matcha now at Pure.

PBJ Matcha

Sip it like peanut butter jelly. Peanut butter lovers of London rejoice, here’s our PBJ Matcha made with strawberry puree, a blend of peanut butter and creamy oat milk and topped with organic, ceremonial matcha over ice.

Pure Matcha

For the Purists. Our straight-up, no-frills iced matcha latte is made with creamy oat milk, organic ceremonial matcha and served over crushed ice. Simple and satisfying. Add a little flavour if you fancy, choose from vanilla, caramel or hazelnut syrup.

Passionfruit Matcha Lemonade

Freshly blitzed lemon pulp & juice, passionfruit puree and organic ceremonial matcha come together over crushed ice to give you instant refreshment in matcha form. We’re pretty passionate you’ll love this one.

Meet your matcha

All our drinks are made with PerfectTed matcha which comes from Uji in Japan, renowned for producing the highest quality matcha. So you can sip easy in the knowledge your drink is ethically sourced and ceremonial grade. Matcha is naturally rich in amino acids, antioxidants and leaves you feeling alert for longer vs your usual cup of joe.

So close your browser, step away from the desk and enjoy a matcha moment at Pure.

Matcha not your thing?

Old School Lemonade

Try our super refreshing old school pink lemonade. It’s caffeine-free, under 100 calories, and made with freshly blitzed lemon pulp and strawberry puree: an all-day thirst quencher. When life gives you lemons…