Our new menu is here - Pure

Fresh starts with Pure

We’re all about starting the year on the right foot – and what better way than with a new menu that’s all about deliciously healthy food? Whether you’re craving a fulfilling breakfast or a nourishing lunch, our menu has got you covered.

Ready to dive into a year of deliciousness?

New Pure Bowl Specials!

First up, our new Good Gut Bowl. Crafted to make your tummy as happy as your taste buds.

We know gut health is all the rage, but it’s more than just a trend. It’s about feeling fantastic from the inside out. Nurture the galaxy in your gut and you’ll experience healthier immunity, digestion, mood and more.

This Pure Bowl Special is a flavour combination of delicious, gut-loving ingredients. Think chicken, aubergine and bean sprouts in a spicy Korean pepper stew, topped with kimchi, Greek yoghurt and spicy greens, served on our wholegrain rice.

Our second Pure Bowl Special is here to whisk you away to warmer climes – say hello to our Mediterranean Chicken bowl.

Picture this: tender chicken and butterbeans, bathed in a rich oregano and tomato sauce, all topped off with creamy tahini dressing and spicy greens. And the best part? It’s all under 650 calories and packed with a whopping 28 grams of protein. Talk about a lunchtime hero.

Something to keep you warm and toasty?

When January comes around, naturally thoughts turn to eating healthier. One of the best ways to get more nutrients is by eating your greens! Luckily, we’re all about transforming the humble green into something extraordinary. And we’ve got just the thing to prove it with our new menu: welcome Souper Green Soup! The perfect (vegan) lunch to keep you warm and nourished.


Chocolate aficionados, get ready to meet your new obsession – our Dark Hot Chocolate, lovingly made with 75% chocolate from Kokoa Collection. The beans are grown by smallholder farmers in Haiti, delivering rich, roasty flavours with a hint of hazelnut. Perfect for when you’re craving something a bit more extravagant than your usual cuppa.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Pure and give your 2024 the tasty start it deserves!

Fall in love with breakfast

Start your mornings with a smile! Also joining our new menu breakfast range this January is the Halloumi & Avocado toastie. Loaded with sautéed mushrooms, silky avocado mousse and golden halloumi, it’s the perfect blend of hearty and healthy to fuel your morning hustle.


If you’re after something sweet, buttery and filled with velvety chocolate… look no further than our new Chocolate Croissant. Made with premium chocolate, pair with your usual coffee for a sweet start to your day (don’t forget your reusable cup for £1 off any barista-made drink).