Say hello to the NEW Pure Food for Business 👋 - Pure

Meeting and event-goers have spoken…and they’ve told us they’re sick of soggy sandwich platters, lukewarm coffee and beige buffets!*

Thankfully, help is at hand with our NEW Food for Business offering.

We’re on a mission to make meetings magic, events extraordinary and workplaces wonderful with our fresh and colourful catering options. Because good food really is good for business.

Whether that’s catering for a weekly client catch-up, a monthly board meeting, a large conference, feeding a team every day, or ordering longer-life product for an event, it’s all covered on our easy-to-use new platform.

To mark the launch of our new Food for Business service, we surveyed over 500 customers to find which foods have them racing into a meeting room or event quickest, and what has them eyeing up the emergency exit sign for a fast escape…

With 50% admitting they’ve recently experienced average, poor or terrible meeting and event food, it came as little surprise that trays of soggy sandwiches (59%), lukewarm or bad tasting coffee (52%), a lack of healthy options (52%) and too much bland or beige food (45%) topped the charts of the biggest turn-offs.

Although uninspiring catering may leave a bad taste in their mouths, good catering is still a big incentive for drumming up meeting and event attendance, with employees’ top foodie favourites revealed as:

  1. Healthy sandwiches, rolls or wraps (63%)
  2. Really good coffee and tea (63%)
  3. A great pastry selection (50%)
  4. Fresh fruit (49%)
  5. Smoothies or juice (44%)

The results are clear. It’s time to say ‘bye bye’ to beige and hello to colourful, inspiring and healthy corporate catering.

Are you ready to join us? Take a look at our new Food for Business offering now…

*Survey of 530 Pure customers conducted online 31st May – 3rd June 2024