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Top 5 seasonal ingredients for Spring

As we shake off the last of winter’s chill and welcome the hopeful glimpses of spring, March ushers in a bounty of fresh, vibrant Spring ingredients, ready to shine on our menu. But why all the fuss about seasonal fare for your office eats, you ask?

Well, when ingredients are in their seasonal prime, they’re not just fresher and tastier – they’re also chock-full of the good stuff (read: nutrients) that Mother Nature intended. Meaning that your team gets to enjoy incredibly delicious food, whilst also nourishing their bodies and minds to fuel productivity and wellness through the workday.

Let’s take a closer look at what Spring has to offer and the delicious dishes they feature in.

1. Spinach – The iron-clad warrior

Featured in: Avocado and Spinach Rye Flatbread (Breakfast Rye Flatbread Box)

Rich in iron and magnesium, spinach is a natural energy booster, perfect for kick-starting those early meetings. But did you know that spinach also has a secret weapon called thylakoids? These little guys are thought to curb cravings and help you feel fuller for longer.

So, when you bite into our Avocado and Spinach Rye Flatbread, you’re not just enjoying a tasty breakfast; you’re arming your body for the day ahead.

3. Carrot – A visionary root

Featured in: Seoul Food Salad Box

Carrots are renowned for their beta-carotene content, which our bodies convert to vitamin A to maintain healthy eyes – keeping your team’s vision sharp for those detailed projects.

We’re all familiar with the orange variety, but did you know this vision-friendly vegetable also comes in shades of purple, yellow and even black? We use yellow and classic orange carrots in our famous Pure Slaw, part of the Seoul Food Salad Box. They also make an appearance in our house-made kimchi. Talk about a versatile veg!

5. Radish – Peppery perfection

Featured in: Gut Loving Grain Box

Radishes, pickled in sushi vinegar, bring a peppery pop and a burst of colour to our Gut Loving Grain Box, showcasing how a simple ingredient can become a star with just a little Pure love. These little globes aren’t just about adding a zesty flavour; they’re also packed with antioxidants and minerals, supporting a healthy digestive system.

2. Beetroot – The heart’s best friend

Featured in: Falafalo Soldier Wrap (Vegetarian Wrap Box)

Found in the slaw of our Falafalo Soldier wrap, beetroot is known for its heart health and stamina-boosting properties, making it a perfect pick for your lunchtime spread. With its vivid hues and earthy sweetness, Chioggia beetroot adds a crunchy, candy-striped twist to our wraps that’s as vibrant as it is heart-healthy.

4. Cucumber – The hydration hero

Featured in: New York Hustle Pretzel Roll (Pretzel Roll Box)

Cucumbers are over 95% water, making them an excellent snack for ensuring your team stays hydrated and alert through every discussion. You’ll also find them in all of their classic glory in our Crudites Box, the perfect lunch accompaniment.

Proving that cucumbers are cool in more ways than one, we also transform them into dill pickles for our New York Hustle Pretzel Roll, adding a tangy crunch that elevates the dish to new, flavourful heights.

Why should this matter to you, the office hero tasked with feeding your team? Because providing meals that are thoughtfully prepared with the freshest ingredients is feeding minds, boosting morale and showing your team that their well-being is a priority. And with our easy ordering and reliable delivery, we take the hassle out of ensuring your team is well-fed, healthy and ready to tackle any challenge.

So, as you plan your next team breakfast or lunch, remember: seasonal eating isn’t just a trend, it’s a tasty way to uplift, energise and unite your team, helping them power through the workday with a spring in their step.