New menu | Spring into 30 new, delicious dishes | Pure

Today marks the launch of our biggest-ever menu, brimming with the brightest and freshest choices that are perfect for the warmer months ahead!

Every item is handmade each morning in our on-site kitchens, ensuring you enjoy the most delicious meals possible. Forget about the pre-packed stuff; this is about as fresh as it gets.

Ready to experience the difference handmade makes? Click below to explore all our new offerings.

New salads

Vibrant, nutrient-packed bowls lovingly handmade fresh in our kitchens every day, served with our bespoke dressings on the side.

Rainbow Veg: A technicolour dream bowl! This vegan gut-health hero contains not one, not two, but ELEVEN plants, including chargrilled Mediterranean veg and pickled beetroot, served with a tangy tahini dressing.

Mexican Chicken: Juicy, fajita-spiced British chicken meets chilli beans, tomato, avocado and a zesty pineapple salsa on crunchy cos, complete with our devil’s dressing. A high-protein, gluten-free fiesta.

Greens & Grains: Broccoli, feta, and ancient grains with baba ganoush, peas and kale on mixed leaves, dressed in lemon and chia. Vibrantly boasting five plant foods, it’s the refresh your day needs.

The King Caesar: All hail the king of Caesar salads! A luxurious take on the classic (with a regal 31g of protein), featuring chargrilled British chicken, vine-roasted tomatoes, parmesan shavings and free-range poached egg. Served, of course, with creamy Caesar dressing.


Sipping and snacking at a snip! That’s a mouthful. And a delicious one at that – because now you can get any regular smoothie or side for just £2.99 when you buy any main.*

So add a new gut-loving Berry Biotic smoothie to go with your Super Eggs, or a new Pasta La Vista with your Rainbow Veg salad and fill up on goodness for less.

For those who like to have all their snacks planned out for the day – you can even bag up to three smoothies or sides for only £2.99 each with your main. Your future self will thank you for that!

*Mains from the fridge are: Salads, Grain Bowls, Wraps and Bagels. From the counter: Super Eggs, Porridge, Rolled Omelettes, Toasties, Pure Bowls, Soups, Nourish Bowls.